The 4on4 League is designed to be high-tempo to simulate real games to provide players with an opportunity to have fun while competing, conditioning, and working on their skills in an organized setting throughout the summer. Our goal is to provide an environment that balances the highly intense situations of the "in season" with the non-structured sticks-and-pucks sessions of the "off season".

The Senior Division is for players that have graduated from high school and are still playing competitively. Some high school seniors may be approved. The Senior Division is "drop-in" style so the players/teams will be different each week. Players register individually and we divide the players into teams each week.

Information & Rules

  • 2 teams, 10 players per team

  • Price: $20 per game

  • Please note: We reserve the right to deny registration to any player/goalie. Any player/goalie that is denied participation will have their payment refunded(minus the Wix processing fees).

  • 4on4, full-ice

  • 2 22 minute run-time halves

  • Loose off-sides and icing

  • No checking, penalty shots for penalties, a player that takes 3 penalties or has intentions to hurt another player will be suspended

  • Players change on the fly, shift lengths are monitored with shifts over 60 seconds long earning a warning​, a player that receives 3 warnings will be suspended

  • After a goal is scored, the defending team starts with the puck behind their net

  • Goalies switch teams at halftime


All games are @ Trenton Kennedy Recreation Center.​​​

Senior Division

  • Week 1 - Wednesday, July 6th​​

    • Game: 9:00pm - SPOTS OPEN

  • Week 2 - Thursday, July 14th

    • Game: 9:00pm - SPOTS OPEN

  • Week 3 - Thursday, July 21st

    • Game: 9:00pm - SPOTS OPEN

  • Week 4 - Thursday, July 28th

    • Game: 9:00pm - SPOTS OPEN

  • Week 5 - Wednesday, August 3rd

    • Game: 9:00pm - SPOTS OPEN