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On-Ice Private Sessions



Private Sessions are a great way to get extra attention, focus, and help. The practice plans are created to meet the specific needs of the player(s) involved. We focus on a variety of things including:

  • Overall Skill Development

  • Skating and Edges

  • Puck Control, Puck Handling, Puck Skills

  • Passing and Shooting

  • Forward-Specific Habits/Skills

  • Defense-Specific Habits/Skills

  • Competition and Fun


  • $50 per player for 1 player and 1 coach

  • $40 per player for 2 players and 1 coach

  • $30 per player for 3-4 players and 1 coach

July 8th-August 23rd

  • Mondays-Fridays

  • 2:30pm-5:30pm

  • Please fill out the Registration Form or send us an email to see the full list of available sessions.

  • Andrew and Griffin divide the Private Sessions, players do not choose which coach they are with.

  • SDI reserves the right to deny registration to any program.

  • Our schedule is very limited so we ask that all players contact us immediately if they have to cancel so we have enough time to fill the slot with another player. 

  • Cancellations 168-96 hours(7-5 days) before the scheduled Private Session require a payment of 50%.

  • Cancellations 120 hours(5 days) or less before the scheduled Private Session require a payment of 100%.

  • If you register a group(2-4 players) for a Private Session and a player(s) cancels, the remaining players follow the standard Pricing format.

  • Examples: If 3 players register as a group, the price is $90($30 per player). If 1 of those players cancels, the price changes to 2 players-$80($40 per player). If an entire group cancels, the price changes to 1 player- $50(paid by the person who originally registered for the Private Session).

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