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SDI Summer 4on4 League

Summer 2024
July 1st - August 1st
Trenton Kennedy Recreation Cen

The Summer 4on4 League is designed to be high-tempo to simulate real games to provide players with an opportunity to have fun while competing, conditioning, and working on their skills in an organized setting throughout the summer. Our goal is to provide an environment that balances the intense situations of the "real season" with the non-structured sticks-and-pucks sessions of the "off season".

  • Price: $185(not due until full registration opens on Monday, March 13th)

  • Goalies: $30 per game(not due until full registration opens on Monday, March 13th)

  • Please note: We reserve the right to deny registration to any player/goalie. Any player/goalie that is denied participation will have their payment refunded(minus the Wix payment processing fees)

Important Dates

  • Monday, February 5th: Pre-registration opens

  • Monday, March 4th: Registration invitations are sent to pre-registrants and selected players

  • Monday, March 8th: Registration opens to other players​

  • Monday, June 24th: Rosters are released for the Evaluation Games​​​

  • Monday, July 1st and Tuesday, July 2nd: Evaluation Games

  • Sunday, July 7th: Finalized rosters are released

  • Thursday, July 11th and Friday, July 12th: Games Begin(Full Schedule below)


Minor Division - 6-10 Teams, 11 player maximum per team

  • 2013s, 2012s, and 2011s

  • 2014s may be approved to participate

  • 2010s may be placed in the the Minor Division if the fit they fit the level of competition better than the Major Division

Major Division - 6-10 Teams, 11 player maximum per team

  • 2010s, 2009s, 2008s, 2007s, 2006s(2025 Seniors)

Registration Notes

  • Players register individually and we divide the players into teams. Our main focus is creating competitive/equal teams, so we do not accept any requests from players to be on the same team as their friends/teammates.

  • Unlike players, goalies are not assigned to one specific team for the whole league, they are assigned to individual games.​

  • Player payment is not prorated for missing a game(s). If a player's absence is communicated in advance, we will work to get him/her a makeup game.

  • Substitute players are assigned for missing players each week.​

Season Format

  • 5 weeks, 1 game per week per team​​

  • Week 1: Evaluation Games

    • Players are divided into Evaluation Teams so our staff can evaluate all players before creating the actual teams

  • Weeks 2-4: Regular Season Games

    • Teams play 1 game per week

  • Week 5: Playoffs

    • Based on Regular Season standings, teams play in a Playoff Game

Game Rules

  • 4on4, full-ice

  • 3 minute warmup and 2 20-24 minute run-time halves, minimal stoppages of play

  • Loose off-sides and icing

  • No checking, penalty shots for penalties, a player that takes 3 penalties or has intentions to hurt another player will be suspended

  • Players change on the fly, shift lengths are monitored with shifts over 60 seconds long earning a warning​, a player that receives 3 warnings will be suspended

  • After a goal is scored, the defending team starts with the puck behind their net, the opposing team must back out behind the dots

  • Goalies switch teams at halftime

  • Regular Season Point Breakdown: Win = 2 Points, Tie = 1 Point, Loss = 0 Points

  • Playoff Tiebreakers for Seedings: 1) Most Points, 2) Most Wins, 3) Greater Goal Differential

Evaluation Notes

  • We follow a detailed process to create teams which includes using performance from the Evaluation Games(Week 1), our personal experience/knowledge of each player(we know the majority of the players), and notes from other coaches that know the players that we are unfamiliar with.

  • Players will be assigned to teams for the Evaluation Games which will be held during Week 1. Following these games, players will be assigned to a different team for the remainder of the league schedule.

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