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Summer Elite League
February 2024 Update:

Unfortunately, due to limited ice availability in Downriver, there will not be a 2024 SDI Elite League. We had a lot of players reach out so we wanted to give a transparent summary on the situation.


We were notified in late December that Trenton is getting a new compressor system in the summer. Because of this, they will not have any ice throughout July and August. We then contacted 10+ other rinks in Downriver(and beyond) to schedule summer ice. All of the local rinks are completely melting for the summer, or only have very limited availability on a single sheet. If we were to find any available ice, it would be distant from Downriver, more expensive, and difficult for scheduling times…none of which fit within our goals for the Elite League(local, reasonably priced, desirable game times, etc). Because of this, we decided to cancel the 2024 Elite League.


We are disappointed for 2024 but we are committed to a full league for Summer 2025.


We will continue to send updates as we get closer to 2025.


Initial projections for Summer 2025 include:

  • 6+ teams(smaller rosters)

  • 14 Regular Season games + Playoffs

  • All-Star Game

  • new jerseys

  • and more.


For 2024, Donte will be working on getting ice for scrimmages and skills skates when available. If you’re interested in either of these. Please contact him (734)626-6065.


Thank you all for your participation and interest in the Elite League. We look forward to seeing you in 2025 so we can all work together to continue showcasing the best hockey the Downriver Area has to offer.

Summer 2025 information will be released in early 2025.

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